What Is Z Flow Pro?

Z Flow Pro™ is truly revolutionary, patented technology that integrates a filtered air duct system into a hard hat, creating an air curtain (or air armor), that deflects overspray, dust, debris and other airborne contaminants from a user’s face, safety eyewear or respirator. Wearing Z Flow Pro meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 – International Safety Equipment Association requirements for hard hats on construction projects, and when worn with a respirator keeps it clean and in better working condition – it’s Safe Face Air Armor!

Why Z Flow Pro?

More than 300,000 Americans visit emergency rooms each year for workplace injuries. 40% of those injuries come from construction, mining and manufacturing industries, with over 10,000 due to eye injuries. Over $300 million in worker’s compensation claims are submitted each year for eye injuries, with construction the second leading offender. The only protective gear options currently available for painters are face masks, goggles and respirators, all of which have limitations and drawbacks. Z Flow Pro completely changes the personal protective equipment (PPE) utilized by commercial painters and construction workers and improves your company’s margins and profitability.

Safe Face Air Armor:
See Z Flow Pro in Action!

Side By Side

Spraying ceiling area of 5,000 square feet at average labor cost of $85/hour and an average materials cost of $12/gallon

Using Conventional Respirator & eyewear


1.5 HOURS = $128
(stopping at least 3 times to clean eyewear and slower as visibility decreases)


.5 HOURS = $42
to go back and re-spray areas missed due to poor visibility


35 gallons = $420

Conventional = $590

Using Z Flow Pro
Safe Face Air Armor


1 HOUR = $85
(no need for stopping to continually clean off eyewear due to poor visibility)


0 HOURS = $0
Z Flow Pro allows for more accurate coverage the first time


25 gallons = $300

Z Flow Pro = $385

Z Flow Pro is the sure winner by basically cutting the time in half!

Consider the impact of the savings over 50,000 sf – $1,700 vs. $850 for labor and $4,200 vs. $3,000 for materials. That’s a savings of $2,050. Z Flow Pro will pay for itself on one small job, but you’ll enjoy the savings on every job.