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Because anyone working with hazardous materials can benefit from this groundbreaking technology, the potential for Z Flow Pro™ is unlimited!

Although initially geared toward the painting, high performance coatings, and drywall industries, the applications for Z Flow Pro are broad and apply throughout the construction industry with the ability to provide protection against insulation materials, fire retardant products, and other airborne construction and industrial contaminants and irritants. Z Flow Pro could someday replace the standard hard hat on every construction job site around the world to reduce respiratory and eye disease, such as chronic dry eye, and increase the quality of life and longevity of painters and construction workers.

In addition to construction, there are many industries that will benefit from Z Flow Pro, including farming, industrial and commercial cleaning, automobile painting, fire professionals, mining and many more.

Industrial Cleaning


Fire Proofing

Cement Grinding

Road Construction


Saw Mills

Auto and Boat Painting