Z Flow Pro Saves Time and Money

Significantly improving the safety, health, and comfort of construction workers is a primary objective of the Z Flow Pro™. Equally compelling are the material cost-saving benefits for painting and construction companies. Using Z Flow Pro improves margins and profitability. Z Flow Pro’s filtered air curtain system integrated into a hard hat, powered by a rechargeable battery pack worn on a belt, significantly reduces the expense of providing a construction workforce with a multitude of disposable face masks, plastic eyewear and goggles and greatly minimizes the replacement of filter cartridges.

Wearing Z Flow Pro while spraying makes workers cooler, more comfortable and less likely to suffer an injury on the job. Add to that, not having to constantly clean overspray out of eyes and eyewear, decreasing the amount of paint used and time spent on a project, and you’ll see significant savings through increased productivity and improved margins.