About us

Like most innovations, frustration and the drive to find a better solution sparked the development of Z Flow Pro™. Steve Perusse, Z Flow Pro’s inventor, has been in the painting industry for more than 30 years. As a painter, Steve struggled with the visibility and toxicity issues from paint overspray. As an owner of a commercial painting company for twenty years, Steve spent tens of thousands of dollars on respirators, goggles, and face masks, trying to prevent paint overspray from covering his painters’ faces and eyewear. The only protective gear options currently available for painters are face masks, goggles, respirators, and full face respirators, all of which have limitations and drawbacks. Determined to find a solution, Steve and a small group of investors started Poma 22 and have spent more than three years working with fluid dynamic engineers to develop the patented technology of Z Flow Pro, testing the product extensively with field tests.