Revolutionizing Personal Protective Equipment

Other personal respiratory protective systems, such as full face respirators or Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) protect a user’s face, but the clear visor/shield or safety goggles quickly becomes clouded with a film of dust and overspray, affecting the user’s visibility, which lowers the quality of work, decreases efficiency and exposes the painter to harmful toxins (for which the personal protective equipment (PPE) is meant to provide protection).

With Z Flow Pro, you can avoid skin rashes and irritations from a face covered with paint overspray or drywall dust. No longer will you have to stop working to remove and clean goggles or remove and replace the respirator, exposing your eyes, nose and mouth to paint and drywall dust.

Wearing Z Flow Pro while spraying makes workers cooler, more comfortable and less likely to suffer an injury on the job. Additionally, they do not have to constantly clean overspray out of eyes and eyewear, which decreases the amount of paint used and time spent on a project. This translates to significant savings through increased productivity and improved margins.

Plus, our field tests have shown that the use of Z Flow Pro in conjunction with goggles and/or a respirator will greatly extend the life cycle of such equipment by reducing particles and toxins from being absorbed into the respirator filters, reducing the need to replace filters as frequently. As a result, job site downtime is significantly reduced and profitability is significantly increased.